Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hello, my name is...

I am Lauralee.
This blog is the beginning efforts of change to a society and culture that doesn't understand the children in the world we live in. I am here to pop your bubble, make you a little uncomfortable and introduce you to a new way of thinking, to stir your heart... to foster change, inspire hope and promise forever. 
Does this mean that I am hoping every reader becomes a foster or adoptive parent? No! (Ok maybe a little :) ) Seriously though, my first goal is just for people to understand and then hopefully to care. Is that to much to ask? I hope not, because I am not changing my request. How is that for stubbornness?

So who am I that I can even speak to this issue?... 
I am momma to a little boy with a tragic past and a bright future.

If you want to join me/laugh at me/or wonder at my sanity on this crazy method of parenthood then keep reading. There is nothing like it and nothing for it but to hold on tight, pray to Jesus and have fun. 

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