Monday, January 13, 2014

A Happy Birthday

It has been a while. Sorry. My intent is to be consistent with these posts (3x a week is the plan). I will do my best to maintain this schedule. Thank you for your patience...

And now on with the fun stuff...

M just had a birthday! I can't believe how big he is getting (something I think every mother has said at least once while looking at their child). For me though, I feel a little cheated. I have only been able to spend the last 2 birthdays with him, so in a weird sort of way to me he is just two (and actually he hasn't been with us for two years yet, figure that one out). Anyways, as you will soon find out about me I love to plan things. I am a firm believer in the birthdays-are-meant-to-be-memorable-and-fun rule.

M has been loving all things spys for quite some time (why yes, I have seen all 4 Spy Kids films thank you very much). We decided to throw him a spy party, and when I say we, I really mean me, because when I suggested the idea to the hubs he looked at me like I was crazy and double checked that I would be doing all planning and organizing of said event. (He really is wonderful, don't get the wrong idea, he was invaluable for the party, but the planning was hands off for him).

The party was soooooo much fun!
  The idea was that M's stuffed monkey, Darryl, was captured while on a super secret spy mission. The agents (kids at the party) were assigned to rescue him from the evil Bad Bart Bomber (aka the hubs).

The kids had clues for each step, beginning with a video message from the President of OSS and Darryl. They played my version of "I Spy", received a clue and a shovel from Agent Lewis, dug up a clue down by the river, went to the local market, diffused a bomb (a piƱata painted black), put on disguises, climbed through a laser field (yarn stretched across a hallway) and finally rescued Darryl in Bad Bart Bomber's lair (a bouncy castle).

I had fun, the kids had fun. I have no idea how I am going to top it next year.

Have a wonderful day and happy party planning!

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