Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Morning - Connecting With Your Kids

Good morning, good morning, good morning, it's time to rise and shine. Good morning, good morning, good morning get off your lazy behind. The words escape me, loud and happy. I sing to him as I open the door. As I sit on the edge of his bed. And as I peel the blankets away. Every morning it is the same. He waits for me. Most of the time, even if he was awake. And then instead of clinging to warm blankets, he clings to me. I rub his back. He squeezes my neck. Good Morning, Bud. How did you sleep? He says good. He always says good. What did you dream about? He never remembers, but he makes up something anyways. Animals are usually involved. And we cuddle close. I kiss his soft curls and sing. Momma loves M. He's her favorite boy. Momma loves M, more than any toy. It isn't the best song in the world. It isn't even half way great. But every morning I hold him in my arms and sing him our song. A song I made up long ago, on a rough day. When the only thing to do was rock him and sing in the kitchen.
And then the song is over. I ruffle his hair, Ok, time to get up! And off he bounces.

Routine. I have mentioned it before. I will mention it again. ... It rules my life. It isn't a bad thing. It is security. Like a nice warm blanket. Or a cup of hot tea. Soothing to the soul.
Every morning is the same because he needs it to be. Every morning is a reminder that this is forever. That in this family there is love and snuggles and kisses and giggles. A shared life of wonderful little moments. In this family there is safety.
Connections are born in the everyday. We don't love the stranger we passed on the street. We love the faces we see every day. Big moments happen, but small moments are reality. They are the building blocks of everything to come.
Secure in love, or not. Adopted, fostered or biological. Every child needs the warmth of deep love. Love that they can't understand, but rest in.
Find a way to connect. Sing a silly song. Dance a crazy dance. Do something. Do anything! Not for your need. But for theirs.

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  1. Oh Friend, love this post, and love your special mommy song for "M" so sweet. Hugs!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Your little M is one special fella!


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