Monday, March 17, 2014

Little Pilgrim's Progress - A Book Review

Little Pilgrim's Progress by Helen Taylor is an excellent book! I am highly recommending it. It is a re-telling of the original story by John Bunyan, but meant for a younger audience. I have been enjoying this book as an adult but the thing that really sold me on this book is how much my six year old loves this book. Everyday he would ask me to read about Christian and his adventures. His only complaint was that the chapters were too short.
As mentioned before this is a re-telling of an old story. It is written very well and as I have read the original I felt that it stayed pretty true to form. I really appreciated it's ability to bring what is normally a difficult read to a younger audience without losing the classic nature of the story. It tells the story of young Christian and his friends on their way to the Celestial City.
I highly recommend this book for those who have children. It is a really fun read. It definitely gets two thumbs up in our home. This is a great way to introduce children to classic literature and stir their desire for more.

This book was provided by Moody Publishers for the purpose of review.

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