Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Minute Friday : Close

I long to be close. For it to be easy. But instead every Saturday we find ourselves in a lurching dance. Trying to be close. Trying not to step on each other's toes.  The moments when I long to put my hand on her beautiful head. Or squeeze her 'til she feels every last drop of love. And she is silent. But longs for closeness too. I see it. As she ever so slowly moves closer and closer on the couch. Finally her leg barely brushes mine. Or she leans in. But just a little.
Why do we hesitate? A mother and daughter. We shouldn't feel the awkwardness of strangers. And yet we do. Because we are. Only 4 short weeks. And only Saturdays and half of Sundays.
I ache for the closeness that should be. I ache for her. I ache for me. I want to be close. So close that we don't hesitate for hugs. Or have to ask. Close enough to smile confidently. Close enough to love without fear.
Oh, I can't wait to be close.



  1. Thanks for posting, I have such a strong image of your "closeness" dance. I wanted to know more so read your "about" page. Blessings to you as you continue on your journey. Kaye

    1. Thank you for stopping by! And thank you for the reminder to update my "about" page. :)


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