Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What It's Like Wednesday... #13

I love you. 
Words once flowed easily. Unexpected but received happily. Unasked for. I grew used to them. Took it for granted. I don't know what happened. Now they sputter and die before reaching her lips. Love not reciprocated is painful.
Justification. Logic. It is easy. My mind knows the answer. Knows that it is normal. But normal isn't easy. What my mind easily accepts my heart bleeds over. Once again at a loss.
Forcing love isn't love. So I say it. I hug. I kiss. I laugh. When I want to cry and yell and scream.
I choose to be a mom even when she chooses not to be a daughter. I choose to wait.
I hope for someday. When I love you doesn't echo hollowly through my heart and our house. When she knows that she is loved and loves in return.  Not because she has to. Not because it is polite. But because love has filled the empty recesses of her heart. Because she stopped staring into the past and looks expectantly into her future.
Because I love her and she loves me.

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