Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review #1

Why, you may ask is a married woman reading a book about sex and single women? It is a valid question, I will give you that. The reason is two fold really. I have recently begun to review books for Bethany House Publishers (they were kind enough to send this book to me) and this was one of the books available to review. Why this particular book? While I may not be single, purity has always been a passion of mine. This book intrigued me for that reason.
I have enjoyed the book as a whole. The message is one that is positive and uplifting, encouraging women with every kind of history. For this reason alone the book is worth a look. The author lays out in clear detail what it looks like to live a pure life and pitfalls that may be experienced/avoided along the way.
The only thing I didn't care for about this book was the amount of time she spend talking about the devil. I certainly don't disagree that he would like to see women settle (or anyone for that matter) settle for less than God's best. It just seemed to be a little heavy on the enemy, to me.
If you are looking for an easy and encouraging read about sexual purity this is definitely a good option for you.

Happy Reading!

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