Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Write


Write. Writing has been a part of me from a very small age. My mom always thought I would be a writer. It may have had something to do with the piles of unfinished stories I had as a young girl. I would write stories, so descriptive. Even looking in doll magazines or encyclopedias to get ideas for descriptions.
Now I write, but differently. I write not stories of fiction, but stories of my life. Of my heart.
It is funny how God works, using the passions that he has placed in us, the gifts and talents. Sometimes I look at others and think, I can't do that. My words aren't like theirs. They aren't pretty or funny or anything really. And yet I must write. Not because it is better, but because He has asked me to. I wish I knew why. That I could connect the dots and see fame and fortune at the end :), but it could just be an act of obedience that doesn't lead to anything. And that is ok too.


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  1. Thank you for bring obedient! Sometimes I wish I could connect all the dots too but living by faith is so much more rewarding, isn't it?


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