Monday, February 10, 2014

Vegetables then Dessert

M stares hard at his plate. "Can I eat whatever I want?" The answer is the same, "Eat your veggies first." His little face scrunches up into a scowl as he stabs his lettuce with a fork. Finally, his plate is clean. "Can I have dessert?" 
In our home vegetables come before dessert. That is the rule. Otherwise my sweet loving M would fill himself with sugar and not look back at the green stuff on his plate. I have a sweet tooth too. I understand his pain.  
Life is like that. There is a way to things. Usually, the unpleasant bits come first and then we get to experience the pleasures. We work to earn a paycheck. Then we go shopping. We eat veggies then dessert. Clean then play. Love then loved in return.  Eating veggies first makes dessert all that more enjoyable. 
Life is like that. My life is like that. There are moments so beautiful that I can't contain my joy. Moments so precious my heart could burst. Every morning I wake up to wonderful possibilities. 
Every morning I wake up knowing that there could be pain. I could get a call from the school, again. I could be hit or bit. I could experience loss or sadness. And sometimes it happens. And it hurts. And I blog about the ugly so that people will know and be a little more careful. 
But life, my life is so much more than heartache and pain. I have so much more than a plate full of vegetables. Yes, I have to eat them. Yes, I have to take it. But dessert is soooo worth it. It doesn't matter if M sinks his teeth into me.  If someone rejects me or M. If the school calls one more time. My life is precious. And joy is there. Always. 

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