Monday, April 21, 2014

A New and Surprising Chapter

Today started like most days. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Just packing up and getting ready to head home from a weekend with family. Before heading out we stopped for lunch. It proved to be a valuable stop.
The Hubs' phone rang. He hurried to answer it. And disappeared. He returned a while later with a look of shock on his face. That was our caseworker. She wants to know if we are willing to take a 19 month old. With the possibility of a 9 year old sister. My jaw dropped! Everyone at the table was in shock. Um, YES! It is blurred in my mind. Just a whirl of craziness. Elation. Confusion. Happiness. My mom laughed. Neither of us thought to ask boy or girl. It didn't matter.
We had no details. Knew absolutely nothing. Except for our answer. I called back. Over and over again. An eternity later I got through. A baby boy. A little girl. Be still my heart. Did we want to? There was never really a question. It was like this fell from God's hands directly into our lap.
We are not impulsive. We don't rush into things. There just wasn't much of a question. It was nothing we had planned. It doesn't happen this way. We haven't even completed the process. And yet here we are. When our criminal background checks come back. In 2 or 3 weeks we will have a baby! And soon after a daughter will follow.
My mind is reeling. Trying to make sense of this awesome craziness. God's goodness is overwhelming. This is just too good for words.
Us right after we found out. I have the same tear stained cheeks as I had 2 years before with M)

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