Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Famiversary!

Famiversary. It's a made up word. Let's get that over with right away. As far as I know my sweet little family invented it. (Although if someone else chooses to use it, I will hold no grudges). It means an anniversary for a family. Most people just celebrate birthdays. We do too. But our family doesn't grow on birthdays. So we created a way to celebrate. So Happy Famiversary!
I woke up this morning. It was just after five. It is Saturday. It is much to early for Saturday. But I couldn't sleep. Today is a very special day. Two years ago today The hubs and I made the long trip to meet our son. We were so nervous. And excited. And a million other things. We loved him before we knew him. And we love him even more now. He is precious beyond belief. My heart gets mushy. That little boy. So small. So scared. Is a happy, healthy big (and little) brother today! 
I never could have imagined this. None of it. My dreams were so much smaller. But my crazy-silly-map-loving-energizer-bunny-chatty-kathy-reader-chocolate-skinned-master-chef-little-brother-big-brother of a boy bounced his way into our lives. Everyday has been a blessing. Even the horrible awful. Everyday with M is better than a day without. 
And now on this special day. Exactly two years later our hearts are stretched again. As we welcome not one. But two new additions. Our lives changed once more. A phone call on Monday transformed our lives by Friday. It is is insane. But is is wonderful! 
So here is to a Happy Famiversary. And many more!


  1. Love this post friend! And love how God is bringing you more! You can do it and He is able to help you. You are doing such a good job so He is entrusting you with more. :)
    Love you!


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