Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Adventures

M was chipper and full of energy. He bounced into our bed, thoroughly waking us. Think Tigger. You now have a very real idea of M in the mornings. :) We chatted and tickled and giggled. I love these moments. In a brief moment of rest before another "surprise" attack from M, The Hubs asked a question. "M, What is your favorite family thing to do?" His little forehead wrinkled. His head tilted to the side. "Family adventures!" The rest over as M leaped into the air to land on us.

I agree with M. Family adventures are my favorite family thing to do too. The fun. The memories. They are those precious moments in our family that help seal in forever.
This last weekend we completed the last celebrations of The Hub's birthday. We drove hours. For fast food! Yes, it's true. The Hubs is a huge fan of In N Out Burger. So we made the trip. Love. People, this is true love.
 Family adventures is the stuff of love. It is exploring and discovering. It is fun and laughter. It is being together. And loving it. It is walking across the world's tallest sundial.
It is seeing a pirate.
This woman (sorry for the terrible picture) had a brightly colored bird sitting on her shoulder (I think it was a parakeet?). M leaned over, eyes wide with excitement and whispered conspiritorially, "I think she's a pirate!"

What is your favorite family thing to do?

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