Monday, March 10, 2014

Giggles - Delighting in Motherhood

I love many things about M. To many things to count. But one of the sweetest things about him is his little giggle. M laughs at the funniest things. (Read here things most people wouldn't laugh at). The first time he heard the word Splenda he broke into great peals of laughter like it was the funniest word in the world or when we told him that he may have a cousin named Harrison he giggled and smirked Hair.  Or sometimes something legitimately funny will happen but he doesn't laugh... until it seeps into his little brain and he giggles.
M is also a huge fan of slap stick comedy. A pie in the face is his kind of humor. The Hubs and I relish watching movies with him. We love to see his face light up with laughter and sweet giggling escape from his lips. I remember vividly the time M was screaming with excitement as we watched the recent film The Three Stooges. His favorite part, the peeing babies. He laughed so hard! (I have included the clip for your viewing pleasure)

Discovering M has been one of my greatest joys as a mother.  I love getting to know M. What makes him squeal with delight. What makes his heart soft. Every little nuance that makes M the unique and amazing little person that he is.
Being a mother to a child I understand (at least some of the time) makes being a mother that much more of a blessing and less of a job. It makes the difficult moments more bearable. Unspeakable. Overwhelming love washes over me. Making my heart softer. Making the moments I don't understand smaller. Not because they aren't there as often, but because my love is greater.

I would love to hear about the fun and amazing things you have learned about your kids? And how did you discover them?

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